About Me

I have been creating e-learning since 2004.  I work with firms to produce effective training for employees and customers.

The reason I do it is to help companies manage their talent and improve performance which helps their bottom line.

I specialize in simulations and real-world scenarios where learners are provided opportunities “to do” things, not just read, listen, and watch things.

My designs have interactivity that is instructionally sound.  In my world, interactivity is not clicking the “next” button!

Instructionally sound e-learning is learning that is motivational, memorable, and meaningful.

E-learning that is done right can be more than just “engaging” and “fun.”  It can be effective.

And by effective I mean learners actually learn how to do something or know something.

They learn through practice, repetition, making mistakes, encountering risks and consequences, experiencing delayed judgment, intrinsic feedback, putting content in context, performing multi-step tasks, and building on anticipated outcomes.

These are all techniques I use in my designs. Through the use of these techniques and engaging design elements, learners actually demonstrate their abilities, not just read or watch about how to do something or what they should learn.

This leads to changes in behavior back on the job and that results in more productive, efficient, effective, and valuable employees.

Please contact me if you have any questions on how I can help you or your team.