10 Ways E-Learning Maximizes ROI

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The Instructional Design Framework: Create an Engaging ELearning Experience And Improve Employee Performance!

Learning instructional design should be creative and inspiring.  And, the fact is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Imagine if you had clear, step-by-step videos, podcasts, job-aids, and other information in one place that broke down the (sometimes) confusing information out there and gave you a casual, easy-to-follow approach that guides you along each step of the way.

That is my mission and to that end I have put together what I am calling the Instructional Design Framework as a starting point.  It will be the basis of a series of online video courses that I will be creating over the next few months along with workshops and webinars that are in the planning stages.

I have been using this information over the last several years to produce e-learning that people want to take and actually learn from. I have also been using this information to educate dozens of students and participants in university and association programs.

I now want to provide other online course designers and developers the knowledge to create engaging e-learning experiences with the results being improved employee performance.  I will be creating practical, applicable chunks of meaningful information that participants can take back on the job immediately and put into use.

So, here is the IDF, or Instructional Design Framework.  I know it doesn’t contain everything (and never will), but it contains everything I’ve used and that you will need.  Of course, I reserve the right to modify it as needed.  🙂

Instructional Design Framework

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Thanks, and Keep On Crusading!

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