New Commercial for ED (E-Learning Dysfunction)

Interior.  Woman’s Bedroom – Night

A beautiful, well-kept middle-aged model with a European accent speaks directly to the camera while lying on a bed.


So, it’s just you and your computer.  Everything is just perfect. But then, E-Learning Dysfunction happens again.  You know what?  Plenty of online training has this issue, not just getting you engaged but keeping you engaged and actually learning. Well, instructionally sound e-learning helps you get engaged and keep you engaged. And, you only take it when you need it. So, ask your Instructional Designer if instructionally sound e-learning is right for you.

WOMAN walks to her computer and begins to tap the keyboard while camera pulls out.


The signs of E-Learning Dysfunction are not hard to observe. Droopy eyes, yawning, trouble staying awake, headaches, wandering thoughts, feeling anxious, irritability, cramps in your finger from too much “next”-ing, and thoughts of throwing things at your monitor.

But the worst part is leaving with that feeling of somehow not feeling satisfied. You wanted to learn something, but you just didn’t.

Know that it’s not you. It’s not your computer. E-Learning Dysfunction is a disease and it’s treatable.

A daily dose of instructionally sound e-learning can increase blood flow, invigorate your mind, help you learn things and accomplish daily tasks, and lessen the effects of boring e-learning like feeling the urge to throw things at your computer.

But I have to warn you. Instructionally sound e-learning is addictive. Once you take it, you will wonder why all e-learning can’t be like that.

To avoid long-term behavioral change and extended learning seek immediate medical help for Functional E-Learning lasting more than four hours.



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