What Gets in Your Way of Designing Instruction?

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As I was going through my framework for instructional design, I got to thinking, what would get in the way of us designing instruction?  Our abilities?  End-users?  Bosses, corporate culture, fellow employees? Tools? Our thoughts about what’s acceptable or good…or good enough?  Funding? Headcount? Time? No real evidence that what we create will effect change? Lack of clear organizational benefits?

I suppose it could be any or all of these things.

The framework lists the things that I think are important to know and understand to create e-learning (which I am equating with designing instruction).  But, just because you know these things doesn’t mean a clear path opens up in front of you for which you have an unobstructed journey to instructiondom (that’s not a word…I just made it up, but I hope you catch my drift).

One of the big things that gets in my way is ideas.  I seem to go in spurts.  Some days, ideas are flowing from me like Old Faithful and other days I can’t seem to think of a decent idea if my life depended on it.  I get stuck thinking, “Sure, that cool e-learning I just saw that some other creative person created looks great for what they’re doing, but it just doesn’t work for my topic.”  Oh sure, I have tons of resources that are supposed to be “inspirational” sources, but they so often miss the mark.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m not happy unless my idea is “award-winning” caliber.  Maybe I get in my own way.

I would love to hear what others think.

What gets in your way?

Share your thoughts.  I’ll be I’m not the only one that would like to hear what you have to say.

until next time…Keep on Crusading!


One thought on “What Gets in Your Way of Designing Instruction?

  1. Hi Scott, thank you for your youtube videos. 🙂 I really like those 5 questions you need to ask before creating e-learning courses. I just hope that my boss would let me use them…

    I’m new to e-learning and I am new to the industry I’m working in (power grid). My boss which has worked in the industry for 4 years is my biggest obstacle that gets in my way of developing courses.. Why? Because he doesn’t train me… When I’m asked him for guidance, he says “read a book/manual” or “look it up online” or “spend time on it, like 10 days to really absorb the subject, take your time” I said, well what i want is to understand the pedagogy you’re using and why.. I mean this is your specialty, why aren’t you training me?.. give me something.. He told me, “my pedagogy with you is to throw you in so you come out with something versus tell you and come out with nothing”..

    When I had a meeting with my boss and our SME (the marketing director of the product). I asked the SME.. “ok, so what would you like us to achieve in this e-learning module that you can’t get out of reading a brochure”. I was proud of this question yet my boss said “michael, what kind of question is that?, you’re basically saying that there is no point of our job” I responded with, well no, that’s the point, I want this course to be worth more than simply reading a brochure… For example, an experience, that actually teaches them and provokes thought or uses their problem solving skills…. His response, “this is just an introduction to the product, that’s all”

    So then I asked, who is our target audience? My boss said “to sell these to clients and for our internal stakeholders” And my response.. ok, but what are they doing “he says, oh they can be working in marketing, sales or could be a technician” My response, well isn’t that too diverse? We need to know who we’re teaching don’t we? He says, that’s impossible..

    My boss choses the SME’s but they work in Marketing or communications… They don’t work with the actual products.. Heck we even have dedicated trainers which train on the products and services we’re creating the modules for yet we are not in contact with them?

    So of course, since I’m getting no help from my boss. I have been doing lots of research on pedagogy and how to design and build an learning courses yet he wants me to design “powerpoints” with some animation and call it e-learning modules.. So when I share my ideas he says, no point….

    So finally last Friday, I was super excited because I finally advanced on my latest storyboard, I wanted to share it with him but he had already seen it over my shoulder so he didn’t even look at it.. he said “just do this, and that” (basically create the powerpoints using line diagrams).. His modules are awful in my opinion.. so much text without visuals.. Also I don’t see a well thought-out pedagogy.. I did ask him why he thought the modules which were done before his arrival in the company were so bad.. his response ” there was no pedagogy, they were all over the place, no beginning or end.. my modules have an intro, a middle and an end” What I see, they are basically a powerpoint presentation with some animations and depending on the modules, some quiz questions at the end….

    So i’m frustrated.. don’t know how to advance because even if i try to implement my own ideas, my boss wants it done his way.. so i lose a lot of time researching and researching and producing the storyboards.. And he even told me last week that the info that the SME gave me was wrong….

    So there you have it.. my boss is “What gets in my way”

    Would appreciate any advice?

    ps.. asked my boss which one of the modules was the most populary sold.. “he said, none of them have have been sold externally, only internally”

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