10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear

Every week, Dave Anderson of Articulate poses a different e-learning challenge. This week, the challenge is “10 Things Instructional Designers Hate to Hear“.

Here are mine:

1. That’s not what I meant!

2. By the way, the SME is in Belgium with a 9-hour time difference

3. Your SME is going on a 4-week vacation

4. E-Learning won’t work for that.

5. You should make people read the material first.

6. I think we need two people to choose from, not just one.

7. It’s going to take how long?

8. We can review it this week.  Oh wait, I’m busy…let’s see, I’m free in three weeks.

9. I know what I said but I’m thinking now we should make them do this.

10. Just use the Powerpoint slides, they’re good enough.

Oy vey!