Say It With Me – I Am a Great Instructional Designer

I was on a webinar today from Julie Dirksen ( and one of the links she provided was to StoryWonk (

As an instructional designer, I have always considered storytelling an integral part of being effective.  I have books on how to tell stories and how to write stories (I love writing, too).  I am always looking for ideas on stories and how to use stories in learning.

I immediately clicked on the StoryWonk link and as I was surfing around the site I noticed some comments where everyone was saying “I am a great writer.”  I wasn’t sure what that was all about.  Were these egotists full of themselves?  Were these boastful braggadocios trying to convince the world of their wonderfulness?

I dug deeper and realized that Lani, the site co-owner, would end her lectures and presentations with an exercise where she would have attendees proclaim in a loud out-loud  voice, “I am a great writer.”

She has lots of reasons why you should do that and she has wonderful podcasts that go into the details but it made me think – the reasons she promotes that phrase for the world of writers applies to the world of instructional designers, too!

Too often I have students and acquaintances and encounters with other designers who seem to be in a place where they are “getting into ID”, or “learning ID”, or don’t really think they are instructional designers because they don’t have this certificate or that degree or enough experience or this knowledge or that expertise.

I say if you are designing instruction you are an instructional designer.  Could you be better?  Could you know more?  Of course.  That will always be the case.  You know more than some people and will never know as much as some.  Who cares?

If you love instructional design and enjoy doing it and if there is anyone that is better off or knows more because of using some of your instructional design then you are a great instructional designer.

Ok, instructional designers, say it with me now – “I am a great instructional designer!”

Thanks, Julie!

Thanks, StoryWonk!


Until next time…